Enrollment Requirements

for the 2018/2019 School Year

** Please note  SCH is moving to an online enrollment system; more information will be available soon. 

If your child was attending a SCH school for the 2017/2018 school year, please check your email that you provided to the school for this information. 

Documentation required:

  •   Original Birth Certificate with the notarized seal

  •   Students’ Social Security card or number

  •   Updated Shot Record

  •   Special Education documentation (i.e., Individualized Education Plan, last psychological

    evaluation and any pertinent testing)

  •   Withdrawal slip or name and address from previous school attended

  •   Physical (see below)

  •   Proof of Residency (2 required - see below)

    Sources of verification required for Proof of Residency (2 are needed):

  •   Utility bills NIPSCO and water bill (Cellular/Phone/Cable not accepted)

  •   Drivers License with current address

  •   Car Registration with current address

  •   State I.D. with current address

  •   Current check or stub from employer

    with current address    

            Printout for Public Aid/Medical Card
Printout from Social Security for benefits

Mortgage/Closing papers or Original copy of the lease
          W-2 Forms
Federal Tax Forms 1040, 1040A, 1040EZ Matricula Card

  Elementary: A physical is required if the child never attended a Hammond school (if student attended Hammond Head start or PACT Program, a physical is not needed for kindergarten)

  •   Middle School: A second measles booster is needed, a physical is strongly recommended but not required

  •   High School: A physical is strongly recommended but not required.
    However, if your student plans on participating in sports an IHSAA athletic physical is required.

    Note: According to the Indiana Department of Education Attendance Manual a guardian does not need to have a student’s birth certificate in order to enroll their child in school; just proof of the student’s date of birth that is considered reliable. A child may not be denied enrollment due to lack of documentation. If the family is unable to produce reliable documentation, the school shall turn the child’s name in to the:

    Indiana Clearinghouse on Missing and Exploited Children (Indiana State Police)
    State Office Building
    100 N. Senate Ave.

    Indianapolis, Indiana 46204 1-800-831-8953