Procedures for Entering the Building

Entering the building

Anyone entering the building must enter through Door A.  Upon entering the building, please check in at the Main Office by signing in.  
It is our pleasure to help you.   

A current BACKGROUND CHECK MUST BE ON FILE FOR ALL VOLUNTEERS AND REOCCURRING VISITORS.   Background checks are required each school year and is a School City of Hammond Policy.

Picking Up Your Child During the Day

When picking up students before the end of the school day, please enter through Door A and come into the Main Office. Please give the information to the secretary who will call the classroom and have your child come to office.

When possible please send a note advising the teacher of the early dismissal. Please note that NO student will be called to the office prior to an adult arriving to pick them up early from classes. For safety reasons, we must see the individual before releasing the student.

Student Entering and Dismissing School

Your child can enter through Door K in the morning for breakfast at 8:30 am.   Door K will be open until 9:10 am.  If parents and guardians need to speak with teachers, please come through Door A.  Students are expected to be ready for learning, in their classrooms at 9:10 am.  When entering school after 9:10 am, students are considered late.  

Upon dismissal, students will be dismissed at the specific pod doors listed below:

Kindergarten students -- Check with your child's teacher

1st Grade students -- Door W                   4th Grade students—Door B

2nd Grade students -- Door X                   5th Grade students—Door I

3rd Grade students --Door H


Brothers and sisters should make arrangements to meet their sibling(s) at their specific door outside. They may not go through the building to pick up their sibling(s).